WSS Gold Trader (WSSGT)



What is WSS Gold Trader (WSSGT)?

WSS Gold Trader (WSSGT)  is a system designed for trading GOLD (buy when the trend begins to rise and sell when the trend begins to fall) automatically without your intervention. You could be trading BUY, SELL, or both, depending on your trading style.

How WSS Gold Trader (WSSGT) works?

  1. WSSGT will analyze the trend of gold
  2. If the trend begins to rise, WSSGT open long/buy positions
  3. If the trend begins to fall, WSSGT open short/sell positions
  4. If the accumulated profit has exceeded profit targets EA will close all orders.

Before using WSS Gold Trader (WSSGT)


Any idea, what trade you should open? BUY or SELL? And how to manage your trading positions?

After using WSS Gold Trader (WSSGT)


WSSGT will help you to manage your GOLD investment :)

WSS Gold Trader (WSSGT) Features

  1. Open BUY when the trend begins to rise
  2. Open SELL when the trend begins to fall
  3. Auto Money Management
  4. Auto Target Profit
  5. Auto Stop Loss
  6. Works with GOLD only
  7. Works with 4 digits and 5 digits broker
  8. Works with the latest Metatrader 4

WSS Gold Trader (WSSGT) Result (January 2012 – April 2014)




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