WSS Pivot Trader (WSSPT)



What is WSS Pivot Trader (WSSPT)?

The system is also known as WSS 943 Diamond, which is one of the most famous EA systems between 2007 – now. WSS Pivot Trader (WSSPT) is an automated forex trading system that can generate forex signals with entry, stop loss and take profit based on PIVOT & Breakout strategy. You can use WSS Pivot Trader (WSSPT) as an INDICATOR for manual trading or an EXPERT ADVISOR for automatic forex trading. Forex trading is not an easy job, but WSS Pivot Trader (WSSPT) will certainly make it easier and fun. In addition you will get forex trading signals via the website and email.

How WSS Pivot Trader (WSSPT) works?

  1. WSSPT draws BUY and SELL area every day
  2. WSSPT  draws Target Profit 1,2,3
  3. WSSPT opens pending order at BUY and SELL area and set TP and SL
  4. WSSPT will close your trades when the trading hour ends
  5. If you do not like to use ROBOT or EA you can use WSSPT as Indicator and you can place your order manually

Before using WSS Pivot Trader (WSSPT)


Any idea, what trade you should open? BUY or SELL?

After using WSS Pivot Trader (WSSPT)


We have clear signal BUY and SELL

WSS Pivot Trader (WSSPT) Features:

  1. Entry point : BUY Area & SELL Area
  2. Target point : Target 1, Target 2, Target 3
  3. Stop Loss Point
  4. Reversal Point Prediction
  5. Oversold Point Prediction
  6. Trailing Stop
  7. Trend : BULLISH or BEARISH
  8. Real-time update
  9. Trade Automatically if ENABLED
  10. Auto Money Management
  11. Works with any currencies, metals, cfds, etc
  12. Works with the latest Metatrader 4


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